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Scuba diving to Karaburun / Jale, One day trip

A fantastic and adventurous journey, a sea exploration Karaburun / Jala. You will enjoy the magic of the Ionian Sea. Be ready to go for adventures under the sea, ready for scuba diving!!!

75 Euro / person and 55 Eur / person offer for groups of 7 or more persons

One Day Tour profiled package : blue tourism.

Daily plan: From Vlora to Karaburun peninsula or to the beach of Jales.

In the morning will meet our guide and will start the journey from Vlora.  We will take the boat to the Karaburuni peninsula. We will stay in the waters of the Ionian Sea near the Karaburuni peninsula. Guide will give you diving equipment and scuba clothing, all the time you will be assisted by instructors certified by PADI. During diving specialists will help you. The Ionian Sea is relatively quiet and with a very high transparency that will help you enjoy the underwater world. The underwater world of Jonian sea is quite varied and very beautiful. After you have enjoyed diving and certainly underwater world of the Ionian Sea, we will return to the city of Vlora again.