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A trip programmed just for sea adventures and mystery stories.

Profiled Package: ecotourism , balneary tourism, cultural tourism.

Daily plan:

From Vlora towards  Gramma Bay.

We will start the journey from the harbor of Vlora with a speed boat. The first stop will be the cave of Haxhi Ali. The cave of Haxhi Ali is the largest cave in all Albania. She has a beautiful landscape. In the medieval times this cave was used like a harbor for the fleet of Albanian pirate Haxhi Ali, that’s why the cave is named after his name. After we have visited this beauty of nature we will go toward Dafina Bay. In this bay when the sea is crystal clear you will enjoy the relaxing nature and will explore the cave of Dafina. The next stop will be to the British Bay . The last itinerary is the most amazing Bay in Karaburun peninsula. Is Gramma Bay otherwise known as Grammata Bay. Except the wonderful landscape, the relaxing nature, Gramma Bay has a very mystery story. Since in ancient times Gramma Bay was used from the seamen for protecting there ships. Near to the bay was found a written  rock. In ancient Greek Grammata means “written rock” . Even in this days the mystery of 1500 prayers is still the most attractive thing accept the nature and the sea.