Apollonia and Berati- Unesco Heritage

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One Day Tour destination Vlora to Apoloni to Berat(UNESCO)

This tour has been selected so that in a single day you will be able to explore two of the most important antique sites in Albania. In this journey we will go beyond history and archeology…

Itinerary: From Vlora to Apoloni(35km) to Berat(57km) One Day Tour profiled package: Cultural tourism.

Daily plan: Destination from Vlora to Apoloni(35km)

In the morning you will meet our guides at “Isa Boletini” square in Vlora from where it will start the journey at 7:30 am. The first destination is the ancient city of Apolonia, located in the village of Pojan in Fier.

The ancient city of Apolonia is one of the most important and most frequented sites in the Adriatic. It was founded in 4‘th century B.C, from the Corinthian colony, a Greek colony that was characteristic of the development of trade, art and culture. After the creation of the city of Durres (the old Dyrrah ) extended their activity to the south by creating Apoloni whom in honor of God they honored, called Apollos. In ancient times this city has served as a trading and cultural center. In the academy of Apolonia we gave lectures of philosophies and political philosophers of the greatest Greek, from the great prestige this academy was coming to study young people from the most powerful Roman families. In fact, in ancient Roman documentation it is proved that the Emperor of Rome Gaius Iulius Caesar or otherwise known as Caesar sent to study in Apolonia’s academy his nephew or otherwise known as his adopted son Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus. This gave him more prestige and power to the city of Apolonia. The main monuments of the ancient city of Apolonia are the Portico Square, Odeon etc… Near Apolonia is the Pojan Monastery, a symbol of the history and culture of the 13th century. With a Byzantine style, it is considered a very interesting architectural complex with the church in decorations and special wall paintings. Thirty years ago, this monastery was transformed into a museum where statues of the Illyrian and Roman period are exposed for tourists. Along the church of Saint Mary, an archaeological museum has been built in recent years, which exhibits a considerable number of archaeological finds of very early periods, found in this ancient site from various study expeditions. You will have the opportunity to visit this museum. Behind this archaeological site there is a bar and restaurant where you will have some coffee and will eat breakfast.

From Apoloni to Berat (UNESCO) 57 km

The journey will then continue towards the city of Berat as an important site preserved by UNESCO as a human and historical heritage. It is known as ” A Thousand Windows “. The river Osumi, a main branch of the Seman River, passes through this town. The river flows into some convenient parts to make rafting. Berat is a town with a history of over 2400 years, a place where religion is highly respected, and this is noticed in the large number of old churches and mosques, and in this city is the only religious school in all of Albania . We will visit the Fortress of Berat which is located on a 187m high hill. Originally this fortress was a proto urban settlement and then turned into a strategic point. Within the fortress is the oldest town in the city and a large number of old churches. The city’s settlements are authentic, and today is preserved the same architectural style to reflect in old culture and tradition. Berat is also known for its special culinary tradition, where authentic cooking is roasted meat with dried plums. We will stop in a traditional restaurant where we will go for lunch and then we will travel again to the city of Vlora. Our guide will accompany you to the “Isa Boletini” square where you will be greeted.

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