Diving in Albania

The Republic of Albania is opposite the heel of Italy and north of Greece. It borders the Mediterranean, with the South-West of Albania on the Ionian Sea and the North-West on the Adriatic. Many dive sites in Albania have yet to be explored. It is a new area for diving, but the number of dive centres is increasing.

In June 2014, Albania became a candidate for accession to the European Union. In this year Albania created the National Coastline Agency, aiming to increase sustainable practices and bring the nation’s shoreline up to international standards. The Coastline Agency is currently mapping the seabed and has so far found 38 shipwrecks. These range from 4th Century BC to World War II.

The sea is warmest between July and September where the temperature averages from 24-25 °C. For summer diving, a 5mm wet suit is recommended.

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Albania Dive Sites

10 mShtëpi e Sirenë

Beautiful cavern with big number of corals and fishes. Cavern is only 10 meters deep so it can be visited by novices and advanced diver as well. In the area other sites up to 20 and even 30 meters deep. Visibility from 10 to 15 meters depend on current. 
Grzegorz Derêgowski, Polish Diving Base

Italian Cargo Ship, Saranda Harbour


In Saranda harbour there are two ship wrecks that can be easily be dived from the shore. First one is over 100 meters long. It is a wreck of Italian cargo ship sunk in 1943 or 1944. Dive deep is max 18 meters on this place. 
Grzegorz Derêgowski, Polish Diving Base

30 mCutter, Saranda Harbour


Wreck of cutter sank in the 70’s after a collision with another ship. Max depth is 30 meters. Wreck is settled by huge number of fishes and other marine creatures. 
Grzegorz Derêgowski, Polish Diving Base

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